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Classic SY 8/8kva
Classic SY 12/16kva
Classic SY 16/16kva
Rackmount RM 6/6kva
Powerframe PF 12/16kva
Modern LX 8/16kva
Modern LX 12/16kva
Extended Run LX xl 8/16kva
Extended Run LX xl 16/16kva
3phase PX 20/40kva
3phase PX 40/40kva
3phase PX 60/80kva
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  SymmetraUPS, is your dedicated site for Refurbished APC Symmetra Systems from 6kva to 80 kva. We have all the major series of Symmetras from the legendary Classic to new LX extended run models. See More  
BROWSE 16kva Options
BROWSE 60min+ Options
BROWSE Rackmount Options
  Classic 16/16kva
4 - 4kva Modules
Lowest cost per kva
Fully restored
PRICE: $3975
  Rackmount RM 6/6kva
3 - 2kva Modules
Plug & Play simplicity
PDU Backplates included
PRICE: $2295
  Extended LXxl 12/16kva
3 - 4kva modules
68mins at half load
Self enclosed Tower
PRICE: $9250
  PowerFrame PF 12/16kva
3 - 4kva Modules
Hundred less than LX unit
Built in Rack version
PRICE: $3750
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